Young Oceans--Advent

Young Oceans, may be “young” in name, but not young in musical ability. With the release of their newest EP,  Advent, at #5 on  iTunes Christian Gospel chart,  the talent and art is even more apparent for this new group.

Although Young Ocean’s new EP release  may not be as "Christmassy" as other seasonal albums, the  title "Advent" implies the general sense of expectation-- the anticipation of celebrating Christ's birth. As a result, the focus of this EP is more on the particular season of meditation and drawing near to the Lord outside of Christmas specifically. In a sense, that is something we all need during this time of year--a refocusing on the true principles behind Christmas.  One of the tracks "My All in Thee," for example, talks deeply of the personal relationship one has with the Lord:

Show your way/my love my love/ draw me to grace/ so strong and sure/ I run to your mercy/ where I am free/ let me find my all in thee.

Young Oceans have only been putting out music since the beginning of 2012. The neo-alternative worship project was started through Trinity Grace Church in New York City and took off extremely well.  The original concept behind the worship group sprung from hymns that were written and arranged within the church community. As church members and musicians began experimenting outside the traditional worship format--writing music that was more akin to reflective prayer and meditation than the “typical church experience,” Young Oceans was born.

Although the focus of Advent is intended to be a historical and meditative album for the holy season surrounding Christmas, Young Oceans posted recently on their blog, that the perspective for the album recently expanded. The band experienced several complications with the music recording process,  which in turn influenced the purpose of the EP.  The recording was initially delayed due to a personal matter within their community of musicians. Then, in late October,  Hurricane Sandy hit New York City hard and inevitably complicated matters even more.  The end result? As the band reflects about all that has been going on in their lives lately, through the album’s release, saying:

From the heartache and sorrow we all experience, to the seemingly endless groans of creation, we are reminded that even we who have the firstfruits of the Spirit often experience life as a mystifying narrative. With that in mind, our intent was to represent these songs with purity and beauty, but also with an honest representation of the veil we're peering through.

Indeed, these songs represent something incredibly pure and beautiful, with a reminder from the lyrics that we only see a glimpse of what is to come. So close your eyes, drink in deeply, and listen expectantly in a moment of true Advent through this album.

For a free download of a few of the tracks from Advent, as well as a few great other songs by Young Oceans, click here.