God of All Glory Tour

Where have all the "classic artists" gone?

Nowhere!  The Christian Artist Group is coming to the rescue.

There's a movement underway to share the artists that founded contemporary Christian music as we know it today.  Artists like Wayne Watson, Twila Paris, Steve Green, Larnelle Harris, Russ Taff, First Call and others are overlooked, yet they provided the foundation for today's top contemporary Christian artists.

God of All Glory Tour
Featuring Steve Green, Twila Paris, Wayne Watson and Larnelle Harris

Lord of All Tour
Featuring Clay Crosse, Russ Taff, Wayne Watson and First Call

With One Voice Tour
Featuring 4
HIM and Avalon

Surrender Tour
Featuring Bob Carlisle, Russ Taff and Clay Crosse

The music from these artists helped shape our music world today and there is a generation that does not know these artists exist. It's up to us to expose the talent and message of these legendary Christian performers to future generations of Christian music lovers.

Help spread the word and share the music! If you are interested in hosting a concert please contact Christian Artist Group at (615)-224-357.