We've got two new fan voice features!

We introduced our new feature Fan Voice to you at the beginning of November, and it has taken off with a lot of success! For those of you who haven’t discovered Fan Voice, it is a feature that allows you to vote for artists that you want to come to your city and sign up via email for email notifications when those artists are coming into town!

We have now branched out to include Fan Voice for Tours and Fan Voice for Legacy Artists

Fan Voice for Tours includes events like Girls of Grace or Winter Jam. The feature allows you to voice interest in having the tour come to your area and win tickets! To get involved click here

Fan Voice Legacy Artists is a special section designed to bring back several of the great classic Christian artists like Steve Green or Twila Paris. Your vote helps show where interest lies for more concerts and we’ll notify you as soon as one of these artists are coming to your area! To vote for a specific Legacy Artist to come to your city, click here