Through The Energy

unnamedIf you're still in a party mode or just love to dance, party goers will accept Group 1 Crew's fast paced, Power. Their Christian lyrics mixed with dance-pop rhythms, make for an excellent REFIT workout. No matter in what way we exercise, the lyrics empower listeners to achieve more and feel encouraged all the while uplifting us on a spiritual realm.

This album's lyrics tell of relationships. Dating is shown in "Take It All In" albeit not directly. Indirectly, it tells of a relationship between listener and God. The song tells the listener to be in the moment with Him. God loves us to communicate to Him, through prayer and even through our actions. And for us to be reminded of Him by taking it all in. In other words, soak up every moment. Go slow and enjoy what God has blessed you with. Bask in Earth's creation and let the world's splendor remind us of God's Glory.

As for the other songs that show a different aspect of a relationship: the breaking up part is shown in "Set Sail," "Bad Day," and "On Again Off Again." These songs speak of two characters breaking up. But hope still remains: the characters experience a closeness with God that wouldn't have happened if the couple didn't break up. Maybe, just maybe, there could be a grander reason - a higher calling - for a person to be single and focus on his/her relationship with God.

And to top it off, each song has a guest artist lending his or her voice to the song. The guest artists include: Anjelah Johnson, My Kid Brother, Glory, Amnesia, Mr. Ree, Lauryn Taylor Bach from 1GN, and much more. He or she will add a soundbite - rap or speak-singing - in their respective songs.

The songs and lyrics speak to those whose life is constantly active to keep listeners healthy and active. Although, those who prefer contemplation and quietness may not like the brisk lifestyle than others around them, the lyrics can still have a profound effect on the reflective listener as well as their agile Brethren.