Through The Lament

mirrored_2In the midst of doubt and trouble times at the church organization that Citizens & Saints are a part of, the band releases A Mirror Dimly. Ever since Mars Hills Church disbanded, the band compiled their mixed emotions and became a voice for the rest of those who are lost, unsure, and possibly confused about the outcome. The album will be made public by Gospel Song Records on September 16th.

The band's sound is similar to the music that plays in Hollister or American Eagle. Not necessarily annoying (like most teen-angst bands can be) but catchy, with a summer nostalgia vibe. The music brings memories of spending time on the beach, the car trip across the U.S., going to the county's carnival.

But for the band, the album brings up memories of a doubtful time. But through all of this, the band still leads the congregation and their faithful listeners in worship, albeit a lament.