The Battle Has Been Won

SDSRedlineFans of Skillet won’t have to look very far to recognize Seventh Day Slumber’s vocals and style of music. Their EP, Redline, that consists of five tracks released today (October 9th) by VSR Music Group.

Seventh Day Slumber starts with a bold song “Bring It On,” declaring, “whatever may come will come,” and to rest in the hope that the “battle has already been won.” Knowing that the battle has been won, it will help us to face what comes. Too often we worry about what should, could, might or will be, but the song reminds us to not focus on the infinite possibilities, but to keep our eyes focused on the bigger picture--that God is in control. Not only does this song remind me to keep my eyes ahead and not stray. It also helps remind me to give my fears to God, so that I can focus on what He has set in front of me. No matter what your interpretation is, the song nevertheless emboldens the listener with their energetic sound. The high energy makes it easy to get pumped up before a game, show, or starting your exercise routine.

As with most collections of songs, each of the tracks are diverse. There are fast, upbeat songs like “Bring It On” and there are also slow, power rock ballads like “Gone” that encompass a range of emotions. It starts off slow, drawing the listener deep into the thoughtful lyrics. The slow tempo and meaningful lyrics create a reflective moment. In this moment, I think of what the lyrics say - “how long will it take for you to leave the baggage you’ve been carrying for so long?” - and then think of the message of the first song, listed above, to focus on what is ahead and get rid of the “baggage” that often gets in the way. Then after the reflective moment passes, the song returns to a fast tempo.

Ranging from reflective to energetic moments, Seventh Day Slumber will keep listeners’ attention and emotions in balance, all the while, planting seeds of change. Change that can not only impact you, but also others through you.