I am going to try and require artist websites to link to use an icon/logo on their website un order for us to list their concerts.  The link code would appear on somewhere on the artist bio page on CCA.  The artist would place the code on their site and encourage fans to also use the code.

<a href="http://christianconcertalerts.com/artist/aryn-michelle-concerts/"><img class="alignleft wp-image-46429 size-full" src="http://christianconcertalerts.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/unnamed-2.png" alt="aryn-michelle-concerts" width="128" height="128" /></a>

So the  code might appear in a box above with  copy icon that allows people to copy the code and then paste into a webpage.  I guess the images are stored at our end?  The ALT tag/link should increase search engine visibility.  Some how we would need to know who is linking to us?  Should we just get linkers to sign-up with Gravity form?

We will design our own logo variations for people to pick from.  Some might say Go!  Some might say Live in Concert! or something to that effect.