Singing About the Reason for the Season

KWSWhenChristmasComesKnown for being with Jesus Culture band (“Holy Spirit”) and her recent album Home (“Unstoppable Love”), Kim Walker-Smith lends her amazing vocals in a re-release of When Christmas Comes. The full-length album of 17 tracks will be re-available on October 23rd by Jesus Culture Music.

The album contains all of the well-known classic Christmas songs we all know and love, such as “Silent Night,” “Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel,” and many more. All of the songs are universal, which makes it easy for us to carol with Kim about the true “reason for the season”: singing about Jesus Christ’s birth. Although all of the tracks are true highlights of the album, there are two that I have not been introduced to before, which is the first track, “Tell Me The Story of Jesus” and the last track, “The Christmas Song.” The first track opens with her powerful voice bringing in awe and wonder of Jesus’ birth. In the last track, the lyrics and vocals bring a warm and hearty conclusion to the listener’s soul.

Overall, this album will warm your heart and soul from the winter’s icy chill and help with caroling with family and friends this Christmas season.