Sidewalk Prophets "Road Life" New Video Series

Ever wondered what life is like for bands that are out on the road? Well now you can get a glimpse through Sidewalk Prophet's new video series entitled "Road Life" which includes backstage footage, interviews, and the inside scoop on touring. Sidewalk Prophets are known for their hit songs "The Words I Would Say," "You Can Have Me"  and "You Love Me Anyway." They are playing right now with the KLOVE Acoustic Christmas Tour and then will head back out out on Winter Jam East Coast in January, so you won't want to miss the exclusive video footage going on in between tour stops!

In Episode 1, the band does sound-check for Winter Jam and and then performs for a sold-out audience in Ontario, CA. Dave shares what message he hopes audiences take from the show while Justin explains why they love to connect with audiences.

[youtube id=JurvfvktuDI]


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