Sada K's Soulful Debut


Sada-K. LongStoryShort

Ever since Sada K. Jackson has left Press Play band, she has taken a hiatus (for two knee injuries) only to return stronger than ever before by starting her eponymous record label and creating her first solo album, Long Story Short (currently out on iTunes and Amazon). The album gives a voice as strong as Kerrie Roberts, with lyrics full of soul and strength. Since she left, she had taken the time to adjust and heal from her wounds. This setback did not stop this Kansas City girl from writing nor singing her heart out! During this period, she wrote her story as her testimony of her time away from performing and sings to us on a spiritual level through the album.

Sada never fails to remind us what has been written in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. And it is these verses that she uses as the basis of Long Story Short. An example is found in "Live Laugh Love", expressing that there's a season for everything. Even from the first track "It's Time," she boldly states that, "it is time for me to shine my light" about what has God taught her during her time away from performing.

Interspersed through the album, four monologues (including “It’s Time”) flow seamlessly into the other songs while keeping the listener engaged.

And weaved within her inspiration and music, the themes she includes, are: love, standing up, and courage, which she has sprinkled throughout the album. For example, love is apparent in “All About Love” featuring Jonathan Thulin (“Architecture”) lends his equally soulful voice as Sada’s to this powerful, melodious duet song. To me, the message of this song is that fighting and showing hate does not advance the Kingdom of God, but that only love can promote it. And it is through us - through our love - that the Kingdom of God can advance.

As for standing up for what is right, she calls everyone to “Stand Up” to change your life, cause only you are the one who can change it. “Stand Up” also features the voice of Christian rapper, Chief Wakil, who lends his voice to give the same message as Sada, but to a different audience (rap). But to stand up, it takes courage to do so. And through Christ, He can help you to have courage. And to me the message is meant to encourage you to stand up, to make a difference, not only in your life but also through it, which will later enable you to impact others. And impacting others is what Sada and the two-featured artists encourage you and me to do. stand up, it takes courage to do so. And through Christ, He can help you to have courage.
Alex Rymer,

The song “Strength” also has courage weaved into its fabric, subtle but there. Often strength and courage are found not far from each other; one entwined after the other. It is Sada’s reliance on God that gives her strength, and through her strength, she has the courage to do anything God wants her to do. And so it is the same for anyone who believes the same.

So with love, standing up, and having the courage being the main themes she expresses in her album, she interconnects them all by weaving together a basket full of fourteen songs. Although the love theme appears more apparent in "All About Love" than it is in another, love can be found in every song on the album she has carefully written. And what better way to show the theme of love than in a duet song? And although standing up and having courage is interwoven with one another, standing up is clearly shown in “Stand Up” and courage is subtly found in “Strength.”