Rockin' for Jesus

PromoImage.jpgLed Zeppelin or Black Sabbath fans won’t have to listen very long to get acquainted with Stryper. They will rock you up the stairway to Heaven with their latest album, Fallen. The 12-track album will drop on October 16th by Frontiers Music SRL. From the first track, titled “Yahweh,” the band establishes their belief and lead the rock crowd with a Christian twist. No, it’s not just Gospel and hymns with this group. Be prepared to dance and rock out, with hands raised in the air along with them!

The band fits in with the rock crowd not only by being non-conformist but because of their message to the crowd, they lead their listeners with a positive mindset. Not many Christian rock bands have gone as far as Stryper has to reach fellow rockers in combining two seemingly different genres, together. Who says that you can’t rock for Jesus?