Rock of Love Anthem

unnamed-1The up-and-coming 6th Day Made band consists of four members: Jason Eaton as lead vocalist, Mark Maggard as guitarist and background vocalist, Randy “Doc” Healy on bass, and Jeff Trent on drums. These four were inspired by the Creation Story in Genesis, to have the basis for the band’s name. They agreed and based it on Genesis 1:31 when "on the sixth day, God surveyed all that he had made and saw that it was good” (Gen. 1:31). The group thought it very profound and so agreed to their band's name. Shortly after, they've established their self-titled record label and have created the single, titled, “The Story Of Love.”

“The Story Of Love” cries of God’s love in this rock anthem. The lyrics open with the image of Jesus on the Cross, symbolizing His love for humanity. When we get to know His love, it can’t be contained. So what to do with that knowledge? Simple. The lyrics call us to share His love with others, just as the band members have shared their song with us.

The lyrics call us to share His love with others..."

The band members include in this song guitar riffs similar to U2 while basing this song from energetic Brit pop song structures. Also, they use pop and Latino rhythms mixed with jazz, rock, and reggae - all packed into one diverse single.