RestoreMeWorship leader and singer/songwriter, Laura Kaczor, releases her 10 track album, Restore Me (now available on iTunes and Amazon Prime Music) with LifeThirst Music. She uses beautiful vocals such as melodies and arias, as well as piano, drums, guitar (both acoustic and electric), bass, and even maracas for instruments, spersed throughout the album. She binds these devices together into one cohesive album. Notable songs are: “Forever,” “Once and For All,” “Only You,” and my personal favorite, “You Make Me Brave.” The themes include remembrance, Jesus’ death, love, and bravery.

“Forever” leads us back to faith with acoustic guitar, drums, and piano. The lyrics remind us to advance the Kingdom of God. Sometimes we forget why we've set out to start. This song simply serves as a reminder to step forward. Also, Kaczor wants us to remember that God has and will continue to “carry me [us].” And the lyrics continue, He will “be there through every valley” for us.

“Once and For All” starts with acoustic guitar, then slowly blends drums and bass. The lyrics tell us that Jesus died “Once” and that he died “For All.” The lyrics also tell us that, “[...] we were bought with a price / [...] we’re given new life / [...] of the world You [Jesus] died”, which all flow together. When Jesus died for "all" the world, His death was the "price" to buy us, and we’re "given a new life" because of His death. He offers His love to every single one of us, whether you choose to accept His love or not, He still offers it to you freely and abidingly.

“Only You” opens with acoustic guitar and the lyrics tell us to worship Him and nothing else. The lyrics include four of the many names of God, which are: "Adonai", "Elohim", "Jehovah", and "Redeemer". The beat and tempo are slow, in order to ignite the congregation to respond. It also serves as an excellent opportunity to slow down, think, pray, and worship.

“You Make Me Brave” opens with Kaczor playing piano. The piano slowly fades in with the chimes and maracas. Starting the song with piano, allows for an intimate setting - establishing a connection with you and then through her, to God. Since she uses a keyboard, a stringed instrument, it can connect the listener with the worship leader and thus to God. Her voice echoes harmoniously with the piano, rivaling with Meredith Andrews. As what the title states, God does make us brave. God’s strength is a “shield all around me [us]”. Knowing that He is a shield to us, it gives us courage.

Starting the song with piano, allows for an intimate setting - establishing a connection to you and then through her, to God."

Kaczor tells us that God will be there through every valley in “Forever”, of God’s love for humanity in “Once And For All”, and of God helping us to be brave in “You Make Me Brave.” Overall, the music is easy to listen to by having beautiful arias mixed with the melodies of each song.