This handy new tool will allow your visitors to remain on your site while they subscribe to get Concert Alerts about their favorite artists!  

Radio Stations

If you generate a subscriber for our free service, your banner will be on the emails we send.  If you promote concerts you will sell more tickets.


You can use our tools free to determine who to bring to your area in concert. You will sell more tickets because we will have more subscribers to send concert alerts to, which is free for you.


If you are an artist, manager or agent, you will book more dates and get more people at those dates.  We do this sending you weekly reports on people interested in hosting a concert with your artist(s).  Click the Get Concert Alerts button on the left and then scroll down to the bottom

Managers/Agents and Record Companies

Would it be interesting to you to know what are the Top 25 artists that also like my artist?  It might give you an idea of who should perform with your artist and how to reach the market for your artist.  Then you can use our artist popularity tool to know which markets your artist(s) have more fans in.


Regardless of what you do, the more data we have the better quality the data is and the emails we send.  So please place the code below on your website and we can start delivering more valuable benefits to you.

The Technical Stuff (but really easy)

The best place to place this code is just before the closing </body> tag on your website.  You can choose from several parameters. Like placement and colors.

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