Our Journey

Meredith Andrews_Deeper_Standard Edition_Album Cover copyPulled from deep within her heart, Meredith Andrews writes about a tumultuous time in her life and has found the basis for Deeper - her fourth full-length album - comprised of 14 tracks.

As we all have our seasons of ups and downs in our lives, Andrews wishes this album will provide us with focusing our attention to God, through the themes of belief and trust: your belief in God, and trust in Him. No matter the path that God leads us on, this album serves as a reminder that God does have a plan for each and every one of us. He will lead us through the journey to reach the destination He wants us at. Not only is the destination important but also the trek, itself, is just as equally important as the former. The journey is learning how and with whom we arrive with at our destination. From the famous words of Harry Kim in Star Trek: Voyager, “When I think about everything we’ve [the crew] been through together, maybe it’s not the destination that matters, maybe it’s the journey.”1 Perhaps when we travel with God, with every step led by Jesus Christ, the adventure itself is equally important just as the end destination will be.

And it is a spiritual walk with Christ that is expressed in this album. From the first track, “Sunrise,” it starts with the listener that light is a start of a new day. Said song reminds us that even when we look up at the sun, one can be reminded that God is there. In the “Christ Is Enough” track, it simply reminds us that Jesus Christ should be the only person we seek in our walk with God. And the third highlighted song is “Jesus Sees,” which summarizes the entire album and that Jesus oversees our every step in our journey and is with us every step of the way.

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