One Step Closer

Building429UnashamedBuilding 429, who signed with Essential Records, will release Unashamed on September 25th. All ten tracks proclaim the band’s faith. As the title suggests, living “unashamed” is one of the major themes of the album. The theme is revealed with the band’s passionate vocals and the intensity of their playing. Showing their passion is one way to demonstrate that they’re not ashamed in what they believe. Listening to this album changes the vigor of our worship by the style of their songs’ music.

For example in “GO,” the lyrics constantly call us to get up and “go to the lost and the hopeless.” If we maintain the same vivacity that we show in worship, whenever we are on the  “go” we can do more with the Holy Spirit guiding us!

Overall, the album’s music will lead our worship by taking us another step out of our comfort zone to dance. And with the lyrics corresponding with the theme, it will sure help connect us in worship.