New Feature: Indie Music Alerts

Although we at CCA want to keep you updated on all the latest news and tours for big name artists like TobyMac or Casting Crowns, we realize that there is a fast growing number of Indie bands who are making a place for themselves in the realm of great Christian music.

For that reason, we are adding a new feature section to our newsletter and website to introduce some of these great artists. We realize that with all of the great music out there, it’s often difficult for new bands to make a way through the music “noise” so we want to be an avenue for them to show off their stuff--especially regarding concerts and tours, which is always our primary focus here at CCA.

Sometimes people think that “Indie” or “Independant artists” means strange, weird, or just plain “out there” music. While it is true that many Indie bands could be labeled as being more “artsy,” and carry the independent title,  many indie artists do wish to eventually score a record deal.

By getting involved in our Indie Alerts of the CCA site, you’ll reap the benefit of hearing new music before it has reached mainstream ears--and you’ll get to follow the journey of many of these talented artists as they gain more popularity with fans.  After all...artists like TobyMac and Casting Crowns all started at the bottom at one time or another!

Each week we’ll be introducing a new band or artist through our concert alerts. These artists will all share upcoming tour dates as well. If you especially happen to be the type of person looking for small, intimate concerts (sometimes even in people’s living rooms), this is for you!

To kick things off, we want to introduce a great band band with a classy name: Dinner and a Suit. If you haven’t listened to this trio’s music, check out their band bio (use Fan Voice to vote  for them to come to your city!)

Here is Dinner and a Suit's single “Too Late.”

[youtube id=3BzzMo7I_cY width="600" height="350"]

If you’re not signed up for our concert alerts yet, what are you waiting for? Join today!