Move It

1800x1800No, really! Moove it! (as in "move your body to the music"). And dancing to the rhythm is what fans of Hillsong Young & Free and Lecrae will recognize in Tony Love's music and vocals. His vast vocal style from pop to rap show in his EP, titled "RSVP." The EP has five tracks that strongly declare his faith. Through this album, he inspires even the casual listener to move his or her body to do something. And, especially as Christians, we should do something to preach the Gospel, serve the church, etc. Whether that is through missions or through serving a local church, the Holy Spirit is moving us in ways that we, as Christians, can't possibly imagine.

The quick pace music set to Christian lyrics are both physically and spiritually uplifting: he describes what Heaven will be like ("RSVP"), he sings that Jesus is The Way ("Only One"), he gives thanks to Jesus ("Thank You"), sings of Jesus' love ("The Way You Love Me"), and the Holy Spirit leading us ("Bring Me Back") - all of which are uplifting to dance to. If a party had this music at it, that would be a party I'd "RSVP" to. Don't forget to RSVP for your place in Heaven to be involved in an eternal party.