NASHVILLE, Tenn. (December 18, 2013) - Theologian, author and singer/songwriter Michael Milton has released Sounding The Depths: When Jesus Prays For His People, a new book from EP Press in the U.K. The new book is based on the Book of John, Chapter 17.

"It is my prayer that the incredible love of Jesus the Lord, the subject of this study in Sounding the Depths, will break the brittle veneer of theological and experiential coldness in some to open to the in-rushing warmth of vital, red-blooded, new spiritual life," Milton says. "This new life is not just the good consequences of wise moral choices, nor is it an accident in history, but as we see in Scripture, Jesus Christ literally prayed for this new life.

"...That the entire redemptive plan of the ages would be brought forward through the prayer of the Son to the Father in the Spirit is an unfathomable glory that is transforming in itself," Milton says. "This is not a scholastic Calvinism for the calloused. This is a radically Biblical doctrine for the spiritually starved."

Dr. Peter Lillback, president of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, is among those who have endorsed the new book.

"This deep, deep theology of the deep, deep love of God in Christ (in Sounding the Depths) is here clearly and passionately unfolded by a masterful scholar and pastor," Dr. Lilliback says. "While no one can see to the bottom of the depths of this vast divine love, Dr. Milton's study will stir passions and reflections to look as far as one can into God's eternal and infinite love for his people in Christ."

The book currently is available at Amazon (amazon.com/SoundingTheDepths).

For more information about Milton, visit michaelmilton.org.

About Dr. Michael Milton:
Dr. Michael Milton is the founder and current President and CEO of Faith for Living, Inc. and the teaching pastor of the Truth That Transforms with Dr. Michael Milton TV program on the NRB Network. He also recently has been named President and Senior Fellow of the newly founded D. James Kennedy Institute for Christ and Culture (DJK Institute). Formerly the Chancellor and CEO of Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS), Milton is an ordained Presbyterian (PCA) pastor as well as a professor. Milton earned his Ph.D. in theology from The University of Wales and holds multiple degrees from such respected institutions as Knox Theological Seminary and MidAmerica Nazarene University, and is a graduate of historic national defense institutions such as the Eisenhower Command and General Staff College and the Defense Language Institute. Milton's unique, and yet pastoral, insights and commentaries on faith and culture have been warmly received, and his columns have appeared in newspapers and publications across the nation and around the world.

The multi-talented pastor, author and musician has received rave reviews for his current CD, Through the Open Door. Christianitytoday.com, who has compared Milton to Neil Young, Steve Curtis Chapman and Dan Fogelberg, calls the music, "musically opulent and emotionally stirring."

Milton has released four CDs, 17 books and writes for numerous popular and scholarly periodicals. He is a faculty member of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute and a contributing writer for The Center for Vision and Values. He was appointed to the College of Military Preachers, serves as a Chaplain in the U.S. Army Reserve and is an instructor at the Armed Forces Chaplain School. But anyone who has listened to his music can attest that "stuffy" is not a word that is found in his vocabulary. Much like his friend and sometimes musical collaborator, legendary Christian singer/songwriter Michael Card ("El Shaddai"), Milton has an uncanny ability to unpack complex theological concepts into everyday language that makes them both memorable and accessible.

In addition to Sounding The Depths, Milton's recent book releases include Silent No More from Tanglewood Publishing in the U.S. and Evangelical Press in the U.K., Songs in the Night: How God Transforms Our Pain to Praise from P&R Publishing Co., and the third edition of What God Starts, God Completes: Help and Hope for Hurting People from Christian Focus Publications.

For more information on Michael Milton, visit michaelmilton.org.