"Little Songs," Big Lyrics

JonGuerraLittleSongsJon Guerra will not disappoint listeners who love Jason Mraz. He has been everywhere from touring with the band .fun as an opening act to writing jingles for Comcast, Allstate Insurance, and Chase Bank. He’s inspired by Rufus Wainwright and Bob Dylan, as well as poets Emily Dickinson and George Herbert. Now, when he’s not touring, he serves as one of the worship leaders in the Vertical Church Band from Harvest Bible Chapel. In addition to all of the above, he has released an 11-track album, Little Songs (now available on iTunes and Amazon) with Provident Label Group. The word “busy” doesn’t even come close to describe what he’s been up to this past couple of years.
Jon’s style is similar to that of Jason Mraz, in terms of being able to transform his surroundings into a chill vibe with his music. But he adds his own twist: he adds deep, meaningful lyrics that parallel with Scripture to draw in the mellow crowd. This style of music is a plus for the Christian community to include the group who listen to Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat, Sara Bareilles, or even Gavin DeGraw into the spiritual family.
The themes in this album that are included within three songs are nearness in “Wherever You Are,” both brokenness and light in “Stained Glass,” and chasing in “Ever Chasing God.”
“Wherever You Are” lyrics deal with growing closer to God, even when you want to hide. No matter where or how hard you may try to hide, He still will find you, drawing you closer to Him.
“Stained Glass,” tells us that even though we’re broken, tainted by sin, God has given us light to shine in the darkness (Ephesians 5:6).
“Ever Chasing God” is connected with “Wherever You Are” by God having the power to find us when we run away from Him.
This album makes for an excellent addition to your collection, and one with a unique sound that will keep your attention!