Jenny & Tyler

Jenny and Tyler are one of those duos that you can’t help loving, even beyond their great musical talent. As a married couple, they bring a chemistry to the stage that is quite compelling. One of their sweetest songs, "One Eyed Cat" states:

You gave up playing solo gigs
to sing with me
we sound much better
I didn't mind much giving it up
cause I got even more of you

Lyrics like this only confirm how much their relationship has meshed with their musical career--bringing something unique and fresh to the stage.

The two musicians provide a simple set-up at their concerts: Tyler typically plays guitar while Jenny accompanies him on vocals. Occasionally, however, the two throw in a few other elements, like a glockenspiel or their quirky kick drum which is engineered out of a suitcase.

The couple were each solo writers long before they started writing together. Having met at The University of Delaware, Jenny and Tyler soon became not only fans of each other’s music, but college sweethearts as well. The year 2007 was monumental for the Jenny and Tyler in two forms. They not only got married, but released their first album, A Prelude, as well. In 2010, the duo released their second album, Faint Not, which included backing vocals from Third Day’s Mac Powell on the track “Carry Me.”

Jenny and Tyler’s voices evoke a feeling of a match made in heaven--and elicit a strong desire to close one’s eyes and listening deeply.  Their lyrics are beautiful and compelling like these words from “Skyline Hill:”

  Tears roll gently down my face
I lick my lips for the salty taste
Reveling in deep, deep grace
There are no words for this

The two switch off taking the lead in singing their songs.  Yet, the brilliance of their music is in how they always come together in the best blend of harmonies. Their latest album release last April, entitled, Open Your Doors, is definitely worth the purchase. Perhaps a bit more deep and contemplative than their previous albums, it offers something for anyone going through the wide journey of life.

It is clear that songwriting is a well thought-out process for this duo, especially when it comes to lyrics. Deeper songs on the album like “When Darkness Falls” deals with unbelief and doubt. “Oh That The Light” is a reminder that there is grace for anyone no matter what they have done. The track, “You Keep Loving Me” marvels at the love that God has for us even in our shortcomings. The duo included a remake of an old hymn called “See The Conqueror,” which is a powerful ballad showcasing their vocals. “Kingdom of Heaven,” one of the last tracks on the album, crescendos to a rounding vocal ending.

There is nothing tainting the purest instrumental and vocal performance with these two. Jenny and Tyler continue to expand their fan base with tour dates, and they recently shared the stage with long-time Christian singer, Sarah Groves. Although you can catch them performing at typical venues, Jenny and Tyler love doing local house shows, so contact them if you’d like to gather your friends for a living room concert!


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