Jason's Time

JasonAlvarez.jpgAlvarez's Time

Jason Alvarez, known briefly as Jesus Alvarez of R&B group Brother To Brother, is back after nearly 40 years with a new album, Time For Miracles. During his absence, God led him away from suicide and addiction and now he is thankful and full of reverence for the One who saved him. From creating this album, he wishes to sing to those who are in their time of need so that he or she won’t feel alone.

The soothing vibrato of Jason’s voice provides easy listening, set to Jazz music, simple acoustics, and power ballads with Gospel at the music's core. His staccato and riffs add mixture to the album that will keep your attention. And his lyrics are powerful, as the music changes between fast to slow tempos.

He sings along with a choir in "The Great I Am" and Special guest, Rapper Kory-O, of the famed Sugarhill Gang, in “Miracles" that gives the album diversity. From the music to the vocals, Alvarez leads you to a peaceful mindset.

Two songs on this album are both in English and Spanish, adding to the diversity of the language and transcending the barrier that often dissuades listeners. But do not worry, because right after the Spanish lyrics, he repeats it in English. So as Timon and Pumba say from Disney's The Lion King, "Hakuna Matata"  literally "have no worries" about the language barrier. Having the Spanish and English lyrics mixed together in "Te Quiero" and "Como No Creer" does not interfere with the flow of the songs. In fact, the syllables in the Spanish phrases he uses go with the beat of the song that flows seamlessly together with the English lyrics.

Hakuna Matata... about the language barrier. Having the English and Spanish lyrics mixed together... does not interfere with the flow of the songs.

So what makes the album diverse is, the vibrato and staccato of his voice, the powerful lyrics set to Jazz music and pure acoustics ranging from slow to fast tempo in the style of ballads and R&B. He sprinkles riffs whenever the chance is available and sings with Kory-O and a Gospel choir. The diverse music and vocals help to lead you to a peace of mind, and the lyrics transcend your calm to reverence even when breaking the language barrier. And "Hakuna Matata" about the Spanish songs as there is also English lyrics mixed within the two Spanish titled songs.