Capital Kings is the new pop electronica dance duo who have been remixing songs for artists like Britt Nicole and TobyMac and are releasing their debut, self-titled album today, January 8th. Dispit being very busy touring with on Winter Jam right now, we were able to catch Cole and Jon to ask them a few interview questions:

1) How did you two start/ how did you both get into electronic music?

Cole: Jon and I have known each other since we were kids. Growing up we were really into both music and sports, but eventually music won out and we knew this was what we wanted to do – to share our music with others!

Jon: We both love to listen to music of all genres and I think it shows in our music. Our debut album is based off electronic dance, but also fuses every style – from hip-hop to funk to house music - into one fresh sound. We have always been into so many styles of music and wanted to show that through our songs.

2) Do you come from musical backgrounds? 

Cole: I started playing drums when I was 8 years old and stuck with that for years until I was 15. Then I started getting into guitar, piano and programming beats.

3) How did you come up with your name? 

Cole: Some of our favorite bands have a cool alliteration to their name and we knew we wanted to do something like that. “Capital” came about because Jon and I are both from the DC area. We started matching it with different words and when we put together Capital and Kings together we immediately knew that was the name for us.

4) What is your inspiration for doing remixes on any particular song? What artist would you love to do a remix for? 

Cole: When we do our remixes we like to make them sound the exact opposite from what the original song sounds like. A lot of times we won't even listen to the original song before we start our version so we make sure it comes out unique and different!

5) If you could give any message to people who are about to listen to your new album for the first time, what would it be?

Jon: We want our music to be fresh and connect with everyone in all different walks of life. This album is about life – the good, the bad, the ups and downs, and how at the end of the day, there is hope because we are not alone.

 6) Which of the tracks on the album is the most personal to you?

Cole: The track that I like on the record is “Born to Love” not just because we had the honor of having our friend Britt Nicole join us for the song! “Born to Love” is about how we are surrounded by so much hate in this world, but we have the opportunity in every moment of our lives to show love to someone in need – we are called to love others and to love them well.

 Jon: One of my favorites is “Ready for Home.” I think we have all felt at some point in our lives where we want to escape whatever heartache we are going through and God is the only answer to all of our pain. It’s a truth that gives us comfort even in the midst of difficult times.

7) How do you split the work on projects? Who typically comes up with the lyrics, who typically comes up with the melodies, beats, etc.? 

Cole: There is no formula or strategic plan for making the music we make. We both work in all areas (lyrics, music, melody). I love the way we work together because every song has its own story about how it was written. It keeps it interesting.

8) What’s been the most fun part of touring with Winter Jam? 

Cole: We’ve had so much fun going out there each night and meeting our fans and being able to share our music with everyone. It has also been an incredible experience getting to know all of the other acts, many whom we have admired for so long. Each night brings something different and it’s been such a great experience for us!!

9) What does your live setup look like? 

Cole: High-energy! Our goal is to get everyone on their feet, dancing and having a blast!

10) What gets you most excited about doing a live concert? 

Jon: We love seeing people’s response to our music and getting to meet people from every walk of life is very inspiring to us as well!

11) If you could tour with any artist, who would it be?

Jon: We've had the great pleasure of touring with TobyMac and everyone at WinterJam, but we would love to tour with Mutemath one day. We've looked up to those guys for a long time now!!

12) What do you guys like to do for fun when you’re not creating music or touring?

Cole: We love playing sports especially basketball. We also play video games occasionally and enjoy our time of hanging with friends and family.

13) What was the first concert that each of you remember going to? 

Cole: The first concert I ever went to was a dc Talk concert. I remember the next day going to a music store and playing the drums for like two hours!

14) What is your goal for year 2013?

 Jon: 2013 is going to be a great year! Our debut album comes out on January 8 and we’re so excited to share that with everyone. As for the rest of the year, we’re looking forward to touring and meeting our fans. We can’t wait!!


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Capital Kings releases their debute album today, January 8th, so be sure and check it out!