We interviewed up and coming Nashville singer-songwriter Tanya Godsey to learn more about her and her wonderful music. We want to introduce her first with this short video clip about her latest album "Telling Time":

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CCA: What instruments do you play?
Tanya: piano & acoustic guitar

CCA: How long have you been writing songs?
Tanya: I dabbled in songwriting when I was about thirteen but began to really pursue songwriting when I was in my late teens.  Coincidentally, I’ve always had a soft spot for the late bloomer!

CCA: How does your faith play into the music you write?
Tanya: My faith in Christ really is my world view and colors my whole life.  I can’t help but be constantly aware of God’s design and it's almost impossible for me not to write a song with some acknowledgement to that fact.   But I also feel called to write music that encourages people in both worlds, the secular and the Christian.  So I write songs as honestly as possible without being explicitly intentional about which audience I want to reach.  I let the song decide. 

CCA: How would you describe your style?
Tanya: I’m a Singer/Songwriter reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan, Shawn Colvin and Nichole Nordeman

CCA: Who are your biggest musical influences?
Tanya: I’m a lover of memorable melodies and honest lyrics and I have found that combination in everyone from Rich Mullins, Nichole Nordeman, Peter Gabriel, Sarah McLachlan, U2, Jonatha Brooke & Bruce Hornsby to name a few.

CCA: You were pretty involved with your debute 2005 album, Nothing Less Than Everything, before you took a break from pursuing your career.  Tell us how many projects you have done since then and what has been your favorite project to work on so far?

Tanya: I toured my first record for several years and then took a break to start a family.  I wrote and recorded on a few compilation recordings in between that time, but really picked the musical baton back up in 2010 when I went back into the writing room to pen my current record.

CCA: Tell us about the release of your latest album Telling Time:
Tanya: It was released  Fall 2011 and I took about 6 months to write the album. During that time, I went away on various solo writing retreats until I felt confirmed in the songwriting process and my song choices. We began production on the album in January 2011 and wrapped up in May. I had the privilege of working with Global Genius Productions (Scott Dente/Ken Lewis) for this record with an amazing cast of studio characters (Jerry McPherson, Christine Dente, Stephen Mason (Jars of Clay), Chris Rodriguez...just to name a few)  It was incredibly humbling.

CCA: Is there a particular theme to this album?

Tanya: The season this album was written in involved a great deal of life change and so it birthed a great deal of questioning. Ecclesiastes 3:1 rose to the surface many times “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens.”  My songwriting process circled around questions of how to invest our temporal life in things of eternal value.  I end the album with this line: “From everyday to eternity/We were made for the journey Home.”  

 We were made for this life, for this journey, yet the struggle is that we’re called to is so much more than our comfort and the status quo.  I ultimately hope that listeners walk away from this album asking some important questions while feeling encouraged about their own journey and its worth in the greater scope of time. 

CCA: Which track is your favorite off the album?

Tanya: White Page--Everytime I sing that song it is a challenge unto myself to constantly ask God to write my story and to remember as Mother Theresa said “I am a pencil in the hand of a writing God.”  It’s the only song I’ve ever written that feels like a calling and not just a 3 minute song.

CCA: Your concerts are usually at churches. What are your concerts typically like/what is your focus for your audience?  

Tanya:  My concerts are usually a blend of music and storytelling.  I am still an ‘old school’ believer in the idea of an entire album...of a collection of songs and the complete story that they tell.   I love concerts because they’re a way to invite people into my journey and into the journey of discovering what this record speaks to.  The greatest goal from my heart to the audience would be this: that the listener would walk away feeling moved.

CCA: What types of things are inspiration for your songwriting?   

Tanya: Change. I think change can lead to deeper dependence on God.  Looking back, my most prolific songwriting seasons have come during a time of overwhelming transition.  So songwriting has always been a natural next-step in my process of finding God, finding truth and navigating through life when I feel the ground shifting underneath me.

CCA: You recently had a baby-- how do you juggle motherhood with your music career? What’s the best part of being involved in both?  

Tanya: Yes!  Sophie was born in 2008 and Jonah was born Dec. 5th of this year.  I LOVE that God calls women into places of influence in the home and also in the world at large.  Working out the stewardship aspect of that is really the tallest mountain I have to scale.  But I’m grateful to have a lot of help in the way of an extremely supportive husband, family & close circle of friends/community who do everything possible to enable me to serve both my family and the outside world through both callings.

My husband and parents traveled with me for my West Coast tour earlier this year and babysat during shows! The best part of being involved in both is in giving my children a living picture of God’s faithfulness to empower us to walk in what He has called us to do, despite the challenges.

CCA: What are your music goals for 2013?

Tanya: I’d love to do some more touring and start the writing process for the next record.

CCA: Are you planning a lot of touring soon? 
Tanya: I plan on being back in the swing of things by the Spring/Summer of 2013.  I’ll be booking a little closer to home in the Southeast this time around.

Here is her video "White Page":

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