Humbleness in David Dunn's "Crystal Clear" Album

CrystalClearDuring David Dunn’s formative college years, God led him to discover a passion for music. And since then, he has released For The Life Of Me, a self-titled EP, and This Is Christmas EP. In addition to releasing his three albums, he’s also been a contestant on season two of NBC’s The Voice.

Currently residing in Nashville, he is now signed with BEC Records and recently released Crystal Clear album (now available on iTunes and Amazon). This collection presents Dunn’s voice to be mostly consistent throughout the album with pop, mixed with heavy beats. Even though his voice stays the same in 11 tracks out of 13, it remains raw: a sign of his authenticity as an artist. When he does change the pitch of his voice, though, he does so without tampering with the quality. And to make up for the lack of tone, he writes deep and meaningful lyrics that parallel his experiences with scripture in songs such as "Ready To Be Myself" and "Clarity."

[His voice] remains raw: a sign of his authenticity as an artist. [And his lyrics are] deep and meaningful... that parallel his experiences with scripture...

"Ready To Be Myself" hits close to home and digs deep. The song doesn’t deviate from For The Life Of Me album version in Crystal Clear. Other than a few minor tempo changes and a few words added and taken out, it is, nevertheless, still the same. In both versions, the song speaks to those who are finding who they are in Christ, just as Dunn has found who he is in Christ during his college years. The song reminds us that you must be who God made you through Jesus and be no one else. If so there’s no balance, and you’ll not be who you should be in Christ. To remedy this problem, Dunn answers it in the form of a question, "Who am I gonna be / when nobody’s watching me?" Dunn is asking us: is the person who you want to be when you’re alone match with the same person whom you are in public or with friends? Cause if not, then, work on it. If so, then onwards soldier!

"Clarity" is Dunn asking what all Christians ask, "God, can you be my clarity?" Sometimes as we walk through life, it is in the dark, and things aren’t transparent through the mist of shadows that lies before us. But God is the only one who can shine His light in the darkness. And with His radiance, He will lead us through the valley of shadows and guide us through the darkest of situations. And Dunn wants us to know that and to remember it.

The lyrics of each song is the core that binds the album together tightly. As for the music and vocals, both open each song to the authenticity of the lyrics as he wrote in "Ready To Be Myself" and "Clarity." The lyrics - being unrefined and true - show us that it is real and not lyrics that have been fabricated. The humbleness of Dunn’s voice and the credibility of his words is what makes the album truly beautiful and a credible musician.