Hope Leads BarlowGirl On To Life Beyond Music


It was years ago at Ichthus Festival that I first saw BarlowGirl perform live. I remember thinking how refreshing it was that these three young sisters had the opportunity to fulfill their dream of traveling around and performing their music - and with their father as manager no less!

Needless to say, BarlowGirl’s musical sound, sheltered somewhere between a blend of tasteful harmonies and edgier rock guitar, was memorable in live performance.

Although they desired to always play for a broad audience, I quickly realized that BarlowGirl's heart was for teenage girls and young women. During that particular performance, I remember the sisters speaking in between songs on topics such as modesty, beauty, and what it meant to be a woman of God. Rebecca Barlow was especially open about her struggle with an eating disorder, explaining how she finally came to the realization that only God could rescue her from this cycle of self-depreciation. After the show, I had the opportunity to meet the sisters and determined that they were just as genuine off the stage as they were on it.

As such, it was sad to hear the announcement last week that after a successful ten-year streak of writing music and touring, BarlowGirl would be retiring as a band. Although unexpected news, it is a reminder that just as with all things in life, there is a season for everything. For these sisters, they were led, at one point, to share and perform their music. Now, a new season begins, which will likely be filled with many worthy pursuits. As the sisters said in a statement:

 We don’t know what God has in store for us...He hasn’t revealed that yet. But in all this we know--He is guiding us to move forward in our destinies and He is faithful no matter what.

Definitely a great word for anyone to hear.

Yesterday, the band released their last song, “Hope Will Lead Us On.” As I listened to what could be considered their final anthem, I thought about the appropriateness of the words:

So lift up your eyes

'Cus we're not forgotten

And Hope will lead us on

Indeed, hope will guide Lauren, Rebecca, and Alyssa moving forth. We have confidence that this beloved band, a sisterhood who has left a positive mark on Christian music, will not be quickly forgotten.