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Why are the listings sometimes incorrect?

There are many reasons for this.  The events are entered by the general public, and though we do our best to prevent mistakes, they unfortunately happen from time to time.  Artist schedules also change, and the new schedule does not always get updated in all the places it was published.

How do I help you fix a listing?

Easy!  Click on the listing to be reported, then click “Claim or Report Listing.”  Let us know the changes that need to be made and our team will get it fixed for you.

Can I add an event listing?

Sure!  Simply visit christianconcertalerts.com and click on “Post Event” on the main menu bar. Fill out the required information.  Events go through an approval process, and we get to them as fast as we can.  Please allow up to 24 hours to see your event posted.


Steps for posting an event on CCA's website:

  1. Go to http://christianconcertalerts.com/search-events/.
  2. Enter in Start Date (of the event) and the Venue's Zip Code. Click "Search Events." This searches our system if there is already the same event in our system to the one you are trying to enter in. This prevents duplicate entries. Two things can happen here:
    • If an event shows and you see that it is different from the one you are entering, click the checkbox next to "I have verified that my event is not listed above." Then click "Create an event" button. BUT if the event is the same as the one you are trying to enter in, please stop and move on to the next event date. Please refer to Step #3.
    • If an event does not show up and you see, "No events were found..." please click "Create An Event" button. Now please refer to Step #3.
  3. You'll be taken to another page on CCA. Please read on-screen instructions. Enter in all artist who are involved in the concert for the concert you are entering. Press the "Tab" key after entering the last letter of the name. A blue box will appear around the artist's name. If there are multiple artists, just continue typing after you've hit "Tab" key. Keep pressing "Tab" key after the last letter of the artist's name of all the artists involved.
  4. Enter the name of the event or the tour name. For example, "Winter Jam 2016" or "Gospel Music Extravaganza."
  5. Skip "Describe Your Event" box.
  6. Double check the start date in the "Start Date" box. Then enter in the start time of the event in the "Start Time" box.
  7. Enter the complete venue information: name, street address, city, state, and double check zip code.
  8. Select whether or not the concert/event is free or not.
  9. Skip "Ticket Purchase or More Information Link" box UNLESS you have set up tickets through AttendStar. Please visit http://www.attendstar.com/event-ticketing-software/ for more information about selling tickets for your events.
  10. Enter in Promotor or Event Sponsor's: name, phone number, and email. This information can be yours, you can even enter your personal information here in the last three boxes. It is required to enter the information before submitting the event. Please NOTE: Promotor or Event Sponsor's Information is not published on the website due to privacy reasons. When the email is entered, it helps you to be notified by us, that your event has been officially published on CCA's website.

How can I advertise my service to your members?

Visit http://christianconcertalerts.com/advertise and get in touch with us!

I am in a band or I am a singer, how can we work together?

This is a little more complicated. Please send an email to gary@attendstar.com.

When will I get my membership app?

We are currently working on that. Look for it any day now!

Can I call someone there at CCA?

Please refer to our Contact Us page for how to contact CCA.

I am a vendor and would like to set up a booth, or provide a service, at your event.

Christian Concert Alerts is simply an event listing website. We wish we could help, but we do not work directly with the concerts, especially in regards to operations.

I would like ___(band/artist)___ to play in my town. How can I request?

Christian Concert Alerts is simply an event listing website. We wish we could help, but we do not have direct contact with these bands/artists or determine where they perform.

I would like to meet/interview the band/artist. How can one set that up?

Christian Concert Alerts is simply an event listing website. We wish we could help, but we do not have direct contact with these bands/artists, or work directly with concert operations.

What is the typical attendance for a ___(band/artist)___ concert in the __(city)__ market?

Christian Concert Alerts is simply an event listing website. We wish we could help, but we do not have direct connections with these events to be able to provide that type of data.

I bought a ticket to an event - I have a question about the concert or need a refund.

Christian Concert Alerts is simply an event listing website, not a ticket retailer. You will need to contact the company from which you purchased tickets from.

How can I win free tickets?

CCA lists free events when the free event becomes available and is within the 100 mile radius of your zip code. There will be upcoming raffles/giveaways/contests for you to win free tickets

I’m international, will there be alerts for my zip code?

This is complicated. And one of those complications has to do with zip codes. CCA determines events within a 100 mile radius of the U.S. zip code you have entered. And because of this, US zip code is geographically based. As for international zip code, it is not so. It will be hard to determine what a 100 mile radius is from an international zip code.

I’m a leader at my church. How can I go about hosting a concert at the church I serve at? Any advise?

Please contact an event manager for setting up an event at the venue.

How do I sign up for CCA?

To sign up for CCA:

How do I change my zip code, email, or favorite artist?

To update zip code and email, or change your favorite artist, simply:

  • Open any CCA email.
  • Scroll to the bottom.
  • Look for “update member preferences” and click it.
  • You’ll be taken to your specific CCA member preference page.
  • Change any desired artist. If not:
  • SCROLL down to where you see “Zip Code (required),” “First Name (required),” “Email (required),” and “Confirm Email (required).”
  • Enter in desired zip code, name, and email.
  • Click “Get Alerts” (Gray Outlined Button which turns to a Yellow Outline Boxed Button when the cursor is over it) at the bottom of the page.

Where/how can I purchase a ticket for _____(event)____?

If you do not see the yellow "buy tickets" button, it means that Attendstar (a parent company of christianconcertalerts.com) is NOT ticketing for that specific event. In this circumstance, you'll have to find tickets elsewhere. Please visit artist’s website for more information and where tickets can be bought.

I signed up for membership. How do I purchase tickets without the "fee"?

This feature has not yet been fully implemented yet. Tech is trying to fix a few things before we release. Please stay tuned and watch for an announcement in email about this feature's official release.

Interpreters for Deaf & HoH, close seating?

The availability of interpreters for persons of deaf and hard of hearing, vary. Most event managers are aware of this need and have anticipated those in need. Please contact event manager to inquire about an interpreter or for arranged seating.

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