God Pulls

casting-crownsCasting Crowns has hit the mark once again, successfully casting a buoy amidst the sea of the unsuspecting crowd in their new album "The Very Next Thing."

The album opens with the band giving honor and glory to God in "Hallelujah". From the start to finish, Casting Crowns continues offers up glory to God no matter the different stories each song tells. Each song appeals to the listeners wherever he or she may be in their walk with Christ. "One Step Away," tells that you are not alone with Jesus Christ; "Oh My Soul," tells that your soul becomes full with Christ with each step one takes in their walk of faith.

Some listeners might feel the Holy Spirit telling them, through this album, is to give, or even persevere, in times of trials in "What If I Gave Everything." Others may have issues with letting go or just to have faith in God, who controls all things, which "God of All My Days" helps narrate.

The messages in every song connect with each other, interwoven like a net that carries the listener out from the metaphorical depths of the sea to the crisp sea-breeze air on land. God is the one who pulls this net.