Find Out How Your Childhood Wounds are Affecting Your Adult Life in the New Book The Caged In Heart

TheCagedInHeart(Nashville, Tennessee) -- We often carry the wounds that happened to us as a child into adulthood. Although those wounds do not dictate our future, they do have a huge influence on it. In the new book, The Caged In Heart, available everywhere on November 10, 2015 from Clovercroft Publishing, author Trillion Small will help you discover what it takes to break the cycle of childhood abuse and be the change that the generations to follow you are in desperate need of.

Many children grow into adulthood with unresolved childhood attachment injuries - internal wounds that often originated in the home and affected his or her view of self. It doesn’t matter if the wound was intentional or not, it still can have the same adverse effects on the child and his or her intimate relationships later in life. In this book you will gain a better understanding of abuse and its cycle, how to break the cycle, and how to find beauty in the ashes of your past experiences.

If you or your current relationships are suffering in an endless negative cycle it may be time to assess where the root of the problem is coming from. You no longer have to be a prisoner of your past and you no longer have to be controlled by your symptoms. Free your heart from the cage that your painful experiences put it in and begin to experience what freedom feels like with God, yourself, and with others.


The Caged In Heart will help you discover:

  • How your past is affecting your today and your tomorrow
  • Ways to improve your emotional heart health
  • How to develop relational discernment to help you initiate healthy relationships

“Do not let your past be a barrier to your future another day,” says author Trillion Small. “Shift from a caged heart to a changed heart.”


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About the Author:

Trillion Small is the founder of Navigate You Counseling & Consulting in Nashville, TN. In her private practice she specializes in interpersonal trauma. Trillion is a Doctoral Candidate (PhD) in Clinical Counseling at Trevecca Nazarene University. She is a professional speaker, counselor, and author of Internal Navigator: Basic Steps to Get You from Point A to Point B in Your Life (2013) .


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