Featured Ministry: The Foundation Agency


My name is Tim Smith, President of The Foundation Agency. True, you may not be familiar with The Foundation Agency and may be asking, "Why work with someone I have not heard of before; how can I be sure I can trust them, or why use their artists?" and I completely understand how you feel, so I am just asking for a chance to get to know you. I want to be able to help churches, youth groups and festivals with their events through a ministry that is unique and provides solid, clean entertainment with a strong a powerful message. At your event you want someone or something that is exciting, fun, captivating, but most importantly has a strong solid message; then that is exactly what you will find in The Foundation Agency. Representing a variety of artists including musicians and speakers to illusionists and jugglers, each artist has a unique quality to their ministry as well as a heart for their ministry. I believe in them and their ministry and they believe in The Foundation Agency. Together we would like to not only connect with you, but to serve you while serving Him.

True Christianity is built upon Christ and that is what The Foundation Agency is built on. A building is only as strong as the ground it is built on - the foundation. Despite our "cracks" and imperfections in our own foundations, Jesus overlooks these and welcomes us with open arms. His love is our perfection and fills in those "cracks" to give us a solid foundation. This agency is on the ground of faith and strong integrity to not only in serving Him, but to serve you as well. The Lord has taught me what true foundations are. He broke me, to rebuild me, from the foundation up, through my relationship with Him to my relationship with my family. It is important to not only have a solid foundation with our Lord and Savior, but a strong foundation within your family.
We strive to bring that relationship, that family feeling to you, our client.

Newsletter docAll I ask from you is a few minutes of your time, visit the website and an opportunity to speak with me about any artist.

He is my Rock, my Salvation and my Foundation.

Website – www.thefoundationagency.com