Fan Review: Brandon Heath Blue Mountain Tour

Fan review and photos by Mike Keaser

Blue Mountain Tour | Dublin, Ohio, Nov. 10, 2012

I had the privilege of seeing Brandon Heath’s Blue Mountain tour,  featuring worship leader Matt Maher, known for his song “Your Grace is Enough” and radio hit “Hold Us Together.” The tour also included spoken-word poet, Micah Bournes, and new independent sibling duo, The Church Sisters.

My group arrived early for the Dublin, Ohio show, since we bought VIP package tickets.  This VIP experience was a short acoustic set performed by Heath, and it allowed for song suggestions from the audience.  Questions were asked and answered and then VIPS had a chance to get their picture taken with Heath.  The pictures were then posted to Heath’s Facebook page and you could download from there. The VIP package was a great deal over all and included an autographed Blue Mountain CD,  Heath's latest album, released October 9, 2012.

The concert started at 7:00 p.m., and Bournes, wearing bib overalls with a deep resounding voice, opened with a spoken word about Creation.  Towards the end of the poetry, Maher came on stage and seamlessly flowed into his opening number, “Alive again.”  Maher sang several songs from his multiple albums.  Of note, was a slower version of “Your Grace is Enough.”  Maher performed up tempo versions of “Turn Around” and “Rise Up” from his latest release The Love in Between.

Micah provided a good transition from Maher to Heath’s set by speaking again, blending comedy with spiritual truth in an effortless fashion. Finally, the headliner everyone had been waiting for stepped on the stage. Heath opened his set with songs from his previous albums Don’t get comfortable, What If We, and Leaving Eden.  The Church Sisters joined Heath on stage as backup and provided a sweet bluegrass twang to some well-know favorites like Heath’s “Open my eyes.”

Heath took some time to share the creative process behind his new Blue Mountain album.  The basic concept is that we as humans all look like blue mountains from a distance, but up close we are really brown and gray and not as magnificent as we appear. The album introduces a collection of fictional characters we will meet on the "blue mountain" of our lives.  By understanding every character and the imperfections they hold, we realize God’s ultimate grace in allowing us to become diamonds.

Heath’s live voice sounded excellent singing many of the new Blue Mountain songs from the stage.  After giving The Church Sisters a chance to play a few of their own songs, Heath appeared in the middle of the audience sitting on a stool and playing two emotional songs off the new album, “Paul Brown Petty” and “Dyin’ Day.”  

The final songs of the evening were great. Heath and Maher sang a rousing version of Maher’s song  “Hold us Together” and the two were then joined by the rest of the evening’s performers.   The concert wrapped up with “Your Love," a soft acoustic song by Heath and the Church Sisters. The audience emptied out of the venue satisfied after a near three-hour event.

Perhaps we will be blessed by another Blue Mountain tour in the spring.  If so, check out the Christian Concert Alerts page for a show near you.  Come, join others on a tour of “Blue Mountain.”  You might just find yourself relating to one of the album’s many characters.

Mike Keaser
Heath, Ohio

Pictured from left: Mike K., Brandon Heath, Kiersten W.

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