Aryn Michelle

Every Step Deeper

Aryn Michelle

Dallas native, Aryn Michelle (pronounced “Erin”), sings her heart out in Depth. The album is scheduled to release on August 14th.

Using various acoustics and instruments, she has created an album collection consisting of 12 tracks. Each song is different with her unique voice. She combines her knowledge of musical theatre with the Christian genre. From among the 12 tracks, “Narrow Gate”, “Moses”, and “Depth” are but a few songs that shine above the rest.

“Narrow Gate” talks about our walk with Jesus - the path that is less tread on.

Stepping down the narrow path brings me to the next song, “Moses”. Aryn writes from Moses’ point of view, as he wanders through the wilderness, being called out of Egypt and into Midian, in Exodus. God had a plan for Moses, being called away from the Egyptian Palace and into the wilderness. When life takes us through the wilderness, Aryn tells us that God will lead us in our journey, even when we think we are wandering aimlessly.

During our journey down the narrow path, we dig deeper to learn more about God in the title-track “Depth”. This song challenges us because when we think we know everything about Him, God still teaches us new things, in new ways, every day.

Aryn is transparent about her beliefs, writing songs about what she has experienced in life, making her a humble musician and a truly sincere singer.