Secret Keeper Girl - Purple Party Tour

Uniontown Bible Church
Union Bridge, MD 21791
6:30 pm
Uniontown Bible Church
4280 Watson Lane
Union Bridge, MD 21791
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About This Event:

Does your daughter know that she is a masterpiece created by God? Will she believe it in a few years, or will she succumb to the Photoshop lies of culture? Secret Keeper Girl’s Purple Party invites moms and daughters to think and act differently. Embrace inner beauty. Display biblical modesty.


Secret Keeper Girl’s Purple Party starts with taking moms from the comfy,

cozy seats in the audience onto our runway of fashion to showcase some of

the strangest fashions ever seen. Talk about peer pressure! We’ll eventually pluck some precious 7 to 12-year-olds out of the audience to dress them in today’s hottest fashions, but with a special requirement. Every outfit has to pass our Truth or Bare Fashion Tests, proving that it’s totally possible to be cute and modest at the same time. Through worship, fun bible teaching and memorable stories, tween girls will be told unequivocally that they are each a masterpiece created by God.


Your community of moms and daughter will never have so much fun digging into God's word! You can visit for ticket purchases