Dance to the Music

Jump_Around_Cover.jpgFearless BND (formerly known as “Worth Dying For”) will send listeners dancing around wherever they may be while the music plays a combination of bass and electronic sounds. Jump Around is easy to listen and dance to. The single will be released October 2nd by their self-titled record label with two tracks, “Brighter” and “Jump Around.”

“Brighter” deals with the themes of light and dark. As Christians, we are considered light in a dark world filled with sin. And that light has the power to make dark thoughts planted by sin change to light. Positive thoughts influence us in profound ways. This song serves as a simple reminder to me that as Christians we are Children of Light, and we have been entrusted in using that light for God’s glory.

“Jump Around” has the theme of unrepressed energy. The song reminds us that we need to be active in our walk with Christ and not become complacent in what life throws at us. It also can show us that the Holy Spirit is within us and working in our lives. And what can we do with that repressed energy? Dance of course. And what better way to dance than through Fearless BND’s music to lead the way.