CCA ANNOUNCES FAN VOICE FEATURE (CCA) is proud to announce a new feature on our website called Fan Voice. This platform is exactly what it sounds like—a way for fans to voice their opinion on the bands they want to come to their city. 

For music fans who want to vote, the process is simple. Click on the Fan Voice icon, enter a ZIP Code and email. CCA then notifies the person when that artist comes to their city. There is no annoying advertising involved

For the media, managers, labels, and promoters, the opportunities to utilize Fan Voice are endless.

At the most basic level, everyone will be able to see the cities with the most voters, the artist with the most votes nationwide, and the artist with the most votes in a specific city.

Radio stations can get listeners to vote for artists they would like to see in their area. Stations can also run contests to see if they can make their city rank higher in the Top Voting Cities.

Managers and labels can promote Fan Voice  to increase awareness of their artist.

Promoters will be able to get a better idea of which artists will produce the most successful concert in a particular city.

CCA wants to work with you to come up with new and creative ideas for marketing your radio station, artist, or concert through Fan Voice.

Check it out: