Bravery Replaces Fear

6698684-jpegTenth Avenue North hits the mark again with Followers album. Set to drop on October 14th by Provident Label Group.

The central theme in this album is fear. The message of the album talks about not letting fear keep you from being in the presence of God.

Why? Because God wants you to be close to Him.

The songs that visually show this theme and the Christian response is "Fear" and "Control (Somehow You Want Me)." God wants us all to come to Him through Jesus. And following Jesus shows bravery. Once we follow Jesus our bravery replaces the fears we once had.

The band uses a variety of synth instruments to make an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) sound. EDM is known to partygoers in clubs and dance (Prom!) atmospheres. And it is also found in the Christian genre that is in apparent on this album. EDM fits with the theme of bravery replacing fear by celebrating being closer to God.