Be A "Wildfire"

WeAreMessengersThe upcoming band, We Are Messengers, will debut their self-titled album on April 22nd by Word Label Group. The band has recently served as an opening act in the 2016 Winter Jam Tour and have gathered popularity amongst teenagers since then.

The band's name comes from the hope that as Christians, Believers are "messengers" to the world - to spread the Word and tell others of Jesus' love. And it this yearning to tell others that the band created their full-length album.

The songs all point to Jesus and uplift Believers in their walk with Christ. Every song has a unifying theme of belonging, passion, life, and light vs. dark. Not only are Believers are "a light" to the world, but a "Wildfire" (track 11) that cannot be quenched, with Jesus leading his or her life. Perhaps being a "Wildfire" - a light to the world - may just cause someone to believe in God?

Needtobreathe fans will recognize the band's frontman, Darren Mulligan's indie vocals. His voice blends soothingly with acoustic and electronic sounds that uplift the listener from darkness and into light. The acoustics and electronic sounds are blended and solid, so much so, that they are equally mixed: none is favored more than the other.

Overall, the album tells us, as Believers, we should be a "Wildfire" that lights the world. To help those who may do not believe as well as continuing to help our Brothers and Sisters in Christ.