Awake Our Souls

TimTimmonsAwakeOurSoulsIn Tim Timmons' 10-track sophomore album, Awake Our Souls (which drops on October 2nd), with Reunion Records. He will have his listeners dance and clap with the opening track to gently swaying their bodies with hands raised, to the beat of the last track. This project has taken him on the journey of being a True follower of Christ. His voice is unique in that it attracts all ages. Even if his voice does not grab your attention, you’ll find that his lyrics are true to the Gospel. Each song tells of an aspect of the Kingdom of God. Listeners will find that Timmons believes Heaven is one huge party, and he invites you to this huge bash, which will last for eternity. Some of the themes in this album include: being saved, surrendering to the Holy Spirit, and souls yearning for more.

“Awake Our Souls” refers to non-believers being saved and reminds us that we cannot save ourselves from ourselves, but only by the Holy Spirit that we are saved (Titus 3:5). “The Outcome” reminds us that the Holy Spirit is in control of our lives and that we should surrender to it.

“All I Really Want” is a simple prayer that prompts us to focus our minds on God and stresses we should surrender to the Holy Spirit to let it lead our lives.

If you just want to dance in worship with God, then look no further and listen to Timmons' Awake Our Souls.