Authenticity in Music


Starting from humble beginnings, the worship team of Church of Eleven22 ━ a local church in Jacksonville, FL ━ created their third album, Before All Things, slated to release September 4th. Led by Worship Pastor Ben Williams, he collaborates with other vocalists, including Jonathan Berlin, Maria Berlin, Ben Harrell, Madeline Hill, and Gretchen Martin. Together, they lead a worship album consisting of 10 tracks. The musicians include many song styles in this album to attract a wide variety of listeners.

This album is special because of its authentic theology in the lyrics and the use of various instruments (orchestral and acoustic). This album uses themes of light, darkness, protection, loneliness, and love, as well as using various adjectives to describe Jesus in a positive way throughout. The vocals from each artist are quite impressive, reeling you back in if you haven’t been listening.

A few songs that stand out are, “I’m Not Alone,” “Before All Things,” and “Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is.” With each past album, it is no mystery that God has been working in their lives to reach their community through music. If authentic worship albums are your favorite, Eleven22 is surely a band to check out. The transparency of their use of theology is what makes this album authentic.