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In a world where everything is calculated in terms of time spent & profits received, Sara Groves is the voice of a silent minority. A minority, who believe in taking life as it comes, rather than pacing it to catch up with the rest of the world.  Although Sara is a happily married woman with three children, she thrives to reach out for those who are far away from the light of God. She believes that by mixing the message of God with lyrical power of music, she will be able to accomplish her goal.


Sara was interested in music since she was four years old. As a child, she always thought about things far beyond the comprehension of a normal teenager. Her obvious interest in music, along with her devotion to all things related to Christianity, contributed to a lonesome youth. But she never regrets her choices, which bestowed her with such a wonderful husband and children, not to mention a path to help her achieve her dreams.

On the urging of her husband, Sara Groves started taking a serious interest in the field of songwriting. Since then, she has released 10 albums, most of which turned up to be big hits. Some of the biggest hits of Sara Groves include Fireflies and Songs, which was chosen as the best album of 2009 by Christianity today. Her latest album, Invisible empires received worldwide acclamation. The dove nominations that she had received over the years are a testament for her success.

She believes that by granting her such successes, God has chosen her to carry his message far and wide. Always a devout Christian, Sara uses religion as an inspiration for her songs. As a result, most of her songs are exceedingly devout and heart touching.  She always tried to involve herself in as much community service as possible. In the year 2005, when the hurricane Katrina struck America, she used her tour van to deliver supplies to the victims.

Sara’s penchant for human service did not stop there. She is actively involved in most of the charitable organizations linked to Christianity. Every year, a significant part of her earnings are directed to fund many charitable organizations, which carry out the charity work on her behalf. One song in her album is dedicated to International Justice Mission (IJM), which fights against illegal sex trafficking.

In every walk of life, Sara has always strived to use her status as a celebrity to support various Samaritan causes, which touched the lives of a lot of people. Let us pray to god provide Sara with the strength needed to achieve her goals.

In a world where everything is calculated in terms of time spent & profits received, Sara Groves is the voice of a silent minority.

Date Event Venue State City Link
Aug-15 Sara Groves - Maranatha's Summer Concert Series Maranatha Bible and Missionary Conference MI Norton Shores

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