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Sandi Patty is a versatile Christian Pop Gospel singer, who can sing in several voices and is known to be an evergreen writer with several bestsellers to her credit too. Being born in a family of musicians must have helped Sandi Patty, as she grew in downtown Oklahoma, singing for churches and conventions in the city. As her family began migrating to various places around the country including Phoenix and San Diego, she assimilated the ethos of those cities and cultures into her music style too, becoming a resourceful artiste.


Patty began singing in 1978, and her debut album ‘For my Friends’ was a wasted effort since it was not marketed with the blitzkrieg production tactics available today. With ‘Sandy’s Song’ in 1979, her career began in the true sense and she started composing and rendering a lot of music albums until the 1990s, when a subsequent divorce to manager, John Helvering stalled her album and created a ruckus in her personal life.

However, from 1979 to 1990, Patty delivered one smash-hit after another, ‘Sandy’s Song’, to ‘Hymns Just for You’ to ‘O Holy Night’ and ‘Take Hold of Christ’. She also had a lot of musical compilations to her credit with the trend setters being ‘Gospel Greats’, ‘The Song of Redemption’ and much more. After her divorce and the subsequent downfall of her music performances, Sandi Patty took to authoring books.

The first book of Sandi Patty titled ‘Le Voyage’ was a huge bestseller and paved the way for many more books on love, life and Holy healing from within. Sandi proved to be as versatile with her words as she was with her music as she started writing books like ‘I’ve Just Seen Jesus’, ‘Broken on the Back Row’ and ‘Falling Forward into his Arms of Grace’.

Sandi Patty is one of the first female Christian contemporary pop singers who was inducted into the Christian Gospel Hall of fame in 2004, after winning about five Grammy’s in various categories and more than twelve GMA Dove Awards.

Sandi Patty is also known to tour extensively around the country and is a part of many prominent Gospel tours. She has been a regular at the Winter Jam, the Christian Gospel Congregation Tours and several other concerts at the US. If you’d like to know more about Sandi Patty’s tour schedule and when she’ll visit your place next, you’d better check her official page online. She is also accessible via Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

Date Event Venue State City Link
Mar-15 Sandi Patty University of Central Oklahoma OK Edmond
Apr-17 Sandi Patty, Veritas - Sandi Patty & Veritas In Concert First Baptist Nashville TN Nashville

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