Leeland Concerts


Leeland is a Christian rock band from Texas, formed in 2004, that specializes in spreading the word of the Gospel through genres like progressive and alternative rock. The band is named after Leeland Mooring who is the lead vocalist and comprises of Jack Mooring, Casey Moore, Shelly Mooring and Mike Smith. The band has released four studio albums as of yet, including the Grammy and Dove Award nominated debut album Sound of Melodies in 2006.


The mooring siblings were subjected to a holy atmosphere by their parents where at several instances they had an awakening of god. The inclination their parents had towards Chirst, was evident in their musical pursuits. The roots of the band originate back to Leeland Mooring’s childhood days whose artistic talent was recognized by various big shots in the Music Industry. He wrote his first song at 11 and by the age of 14 after a successful church performance, he started touring around the country.  After several years, he and his friends were signed up officially as a band under Essential Records, a subsidiary of Sony BMG and Provident Label Group.

The band had the opportunity to work with legends of Christian music like Micheal W. Smith, where Mooring co-wrote six songs on his album. Gaining support from all fields, the band journey as a collective was cherished by all and they gathered support in every endeavor.  Their second album ‘Opposite Way’ was ranked 72 at the Billboard 200 charts and also earned No. 1 ranking at the Itunes Christian albums chart. The album had a great impact on the youth as it encouraged the Christian path of life and tried to convey the message that it was ‘normal’ and mainstream to be Christian. With success hitting their doorstep, the band started travelling around with a Grammy winning band Casting Crowns on the ‘Alter and the Door Tour’. Their latest album ‘The Great Awakening’ was also nominated for the Grammy’s Best Contemporary Christian Album.

Leeland’s music is infused with musical nuances that reflect hope and the pursuit of awakening. Their music is compared to that of Keane, U2, Coldplay and Travis. Their music is an amalgamation of melody and worship. Also their proclivity towards rock does not alter their meaningful lyrics. A Christian youth magazine called StreetBand extremely lauded the efforts of the band for restoring faith and approbated their talent as a collective. The band has fulfilled every expectation placed in them by the committed audience of contemporary Christian music.

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