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Josh Wilson

The existence of God has always been an inevitable debate in heart and mind of people who struggle between faith and reality and the area in between. The concept of not being able to ‘see’ God has caused the debate to remain never ending as for believers continue to believe beyond sight and might.  One such contemporary believer is Josh Wilson and he expresses his belief through the medium of Christian music. Josh is a singer and songwriter who grew up in Texas under the influence of his father who was a preacher and his proclivity to music. He was exposed to the realms of music at an early age and thus his appetite for learning musical instruments grew with his age such that very soon he was able to play a myriad of instruments. Recognizing his capabilities Josh continued to hone his musical skills and trained himself professionally.


With affinity to the lord since early childhood, Josh’s music was forged by his belief in the greater good which comes through the gospel. He released his debut album with Sparrow Records in 2008 called ‘Trying to fit an Ocean in a Cup’ which earned critical acclaim from all institutions of Christian Music. It also featured in the top ten best albums of 2008 by The album got him into limelight earning him the status of ‘future of Christian pop’. Wilson has released various No. 1 hits like ‘Savior Please’ and ‘Before the morning’. The latter earned a No. 4 stop at the Billboards Year- End Christian Songs chart. He has also launched two more albums including ‘Life is a Snapshot’ and ‘See You’. The latter features his single ‘I refuse’ was inspired by David Platt’s book, Radical: Taking Back your Faith from the American Dream and the storms that flooded Nashville in 2010.

Josh’s music portrays allegiance to the lord and his lyrics stimulate every nerve in a believers’ body. His songs talk about the struggle to swear to god even times are tough and faith is fading. In times of crisis, Josh’s music compels people to hold on and ‘see’ beyond the mundane through the eyes of the gospel and restores their belief. His music is quirky and upbeat and their playful nature conveys the deep and insightful messages on serious issues in a subtle and gentle fashion. The intense undercurrent of the struggle to keep faith is hardly reflected in the mesmerizing songs composed by him. Josh fine tunes every melodic fragment of his songs and takes up meticulous detailing to make his music extremely unique and meaningful such that the sanctity of his songs continue to linger in the hearts of his listeners.

Josh Wilson Concerts

Date Event Venue State City Link
Feb-6 Josh Wilson - Prudential Center Prudential Center NJ Newark
Mar-8 Josh Wilson - Wells Fargo Arena Wells Fargo Arena IA Des Moines
Mar-28 Josh Wilson - Methodist University Methodist University NC Fayetteville
May-9 Josh Wilson - Down on the Farm Down on the Farm NC Seagrove
Jun-13 Josh Wilson - Six Flags Six Flags MO Pacific

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