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Ivan Parker

An American gospel singer, Ivan “The Voice” Parker has been an inspiration for his listeners since 1982. This singer has been associated with different musical groups and in 1994 started singing solo and released 13 solo albums. His association with Gold City made him to achieve 19 top ten hits including a Dove Award for Southern Gospel Song of the Year. His songs “When I Get Carried Away”, “Midnight Cry”, and “I Choose” have received tremendous popularity in recent years. According to Parker fans, he is a singer gifted with the most melodious and beautiful voice. Parker rightfully thanks God for this gift by stimulating young minds and making them connect with the Supreme Being.


In 1996 Parker received the Distinguished Soloist award from the Department of Music Ministries of the Church of God. In the year 2007 and 2008, he received the title of Male Vocalist of the Year in the Singing News Fan Awards. Later he accepted the award for Favorite Southern Gospel Soloist in the year 2011. Parker has had the honor of receiving more than 20 Fan Awards since he began his music career as a gospel singer. Ivan performs 200 times a year on average. He has also been associated with most of the Gaither Homecoming Videos.

A strong baritone voice, a never-ending love for God, and a family background of preaching are some of his outstanding characteristics. He was born to be a gospel singer and that is the main reason behind his widespread popularity. His beautiful voice has won millions of hearts around the globe. For Parker, his greatest inspiration has been his parents and Bill Gaither and Jake Hess are among the singers who have influenced him throughout his career.

Songs by Ivan Parker are not only an inspiration for his listeners but also for those who want to join the gospel music scene. Parker fans around the globe are always on the lookout for his upcoming concerts. Ivan Parker concert schedule for 2012 includes tours to Moss Point, MS, Belleville, IL, Vienna, Cardinal, and Spring Hill, FL in September and October, 2012 and January, 2013. Find information on how to get the tickets and RSVP by visiting his official website.

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Parker lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife and two sons and is now a proud grandfather. To sign up for his free monthly newsletter, visit Ivan Parker that also gives details on his upcoming tours, videos, photos, and much more.

Date Event Venue State City Link
Apr-17 Ivan Parker Convention Center SC Myrtle Beach
Apr-17 Ivan Parker Convention Center SC Myrtle Beach

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