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Lead Vocals and Guitar 

Originally from the Catskills and Adirondacks of New York, Dominick now lives in the Nashville, TN area.  Music was a big part of his life as a teen, however it took a back burner once he joined the military.  After a successful Military Tour and working in the Civilian World for a time, Dominick felt a calling to lead and Inspire others to put their faith in action through the Driven 11 ministry and moved to TN.   He see’s himself simply as an ambassador for Christ.  Even though the medium changes from Music, Speaking, Writing or Teaching the mission remains the same.

Helping others grow and than watching those same people positively affecting those around them is what excites Dominick.  His personal mission is to lead and teach those with in his trapezoid of influence so that they can be successful in their relationships, vocation, ministries or personal struggles.  This personal mission has allowed him to be apart of some great ministries and leadership roles.  He is humbled at all the opportunities offered to him through the years and he looks forward to what God has in store for Driven 11.

Dominick’s favorite part is telling the story.  He see’s every interaction with the people he meets as a chance to tell the story of WHY we are here through a biblical perspective.  This is more than just singing, speaking and performing.  It is all about encouraging and leading others to a have greater relationship with Christ through the people in their lives.

When Dominick is not on the road he leads Worship at Mount Moriah Baptist in TN and enjoys investing time with is wife Julie and 3 children.

Dominick Cox is a Solo Artist and Speaker under the name DRIVEN 11 designed for one task, inspire faith in action. Dominick travels across the country in hopes that his testimony and stories will provide hope, healing and new energy to those he meets.

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