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Anberlin is celebrated as an alternative rock band with immense public recognition and mass appeal. The band went through a process of grouping and reformation until 2007, when the band adopted a completely novel, refreshing and youthful image. The final band members include guitarists Joseph Milligan and Christian McAlhaney, bassist Deon Rexroat,  drummer Nathan Young and front man Stephen Christian.


Anberlin was initially christened SaGoh 24/7 but eventually switched to Anberlin.  There are multiple stories of where the band’s name came from. Stephan Christian once claimed in an interview that,  ‘Anberlin was the name I intended to give my daughter, yet to be born.’ Another time he said, ‘I thought of Rome, Paris and Berlin…as places that need Christian reforms the most…and Berlin stayed at the back of my mind which led to us naming the band Anberlin…’ Regardless, the name has most definitely made its mark in popular music. Starting with several  successful albums produced by  Tooth and Nail Records, their debut album “Blueprints for the Black Market” (2003) was followed up with the highly successful album ‘Never Take Friendship Personal’ (2005). 

Their third album, ‘Cities,’ (2007)became their first album to make it into the top 20 of the Billboard 200 and sold  34,000 copies within the first week of release.

After signing on a new contract with Universal Republic in late 2007, ‘New Surrender’ opened to an overall 13th rating on the Billboard 200 and the single ‘Feel Good Drag’ became number 1 on the Alternative Songs after climbing for 29 weeks.Their subsequent albums  ‘Dark is the Way, Light is the Place’ and their recent October 2012 release, ‘Vital,’ have continued to bring a steady stream of buzz around the band.

Although their music intertwines spiritual themes,  Anberlin choses not to label themselves strictly as a Christian band. Lead singer Christian has remarked, “[My faith] affects every single aspect of my life, but I’m not a preacher, I’m an entertainer.”

Yet critics attribute the band as being Christian based on their initial record contract with Tooth and Nail, which managed Christian bands exclusively in the past. Dispit their popularity in the mainstream market,  many of the lyrics that Anberlin writes are intriguingly spiritual. Ultimately, Anberlin’s sentiment is that if people choose to take a spiritual message from the songs and use it to enhance their faith, that is an added credit to the band.

Anberlin has done thousands of performances across the world. The huge appreciation from the public has made every tour hugely successful and it is likely that this will continue as the band tours.  

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