33Miles Concerts


33Miles concerts are great to attend they are a band that dares to be different. Their inspiring music has taken them around the globe and band members Jason and Chris continue to live their lives as an example towards others; rejoicing in their faith and the joy that their music brings them.


33Miles started back in 2006, when Jason Barton, a hugely gifted vocalist, felt the urge to start his own band after playing in various other groups at the time. He collaborated with Chris Lockwood, a talented writer and guitarist, and began to produce music. The band’s name, 33Miles, is a tribute to the 33 years Jesus Christ spent on earth.

Produced by Nathan Nockels, the debut album by 33Miles, One Life, was released to rave reviews in 2007. This resulted in the band getting nominated for the Dove Music Awards.  33Miles was further nominated for the Visionary Music Awards at the Christian Hall of Fame.

What made this band popular is the fact that they dare to be different–featuring touching lyrics, with a quiet song tone that is extremely radio friendly. Whether it is the hugely popular hit ‘What Could be Better’ from the 33Miles album in 2007, or the awe inspiring ‘Joy to the World’ from the Believe album in 2009, the songs by Jason and Chris are inspiring.

According to an interview, Jason iacknowledged, “We live in a world that is full of strife and misgivings. True, there is hurt in everybody and not everything in Christianity is perfect. But the ultimate glory is to be of service to God and belief in the Church and the Lord is what can cure you to the maximum.”

Although 33Miles is all soul and spirit, they are highly contemporary and sophisticated in their approach and take part in a lot of conventions and concerts across the world. Their fans across the world can relish their live singing through tours like the Food for Hungry’s World Wide Tour, Believe Tour, Today Tour and many more.

Booking Information

33Miles’s bookings are managed by the Greg Oliver Agency; they can be contacted via email at goliver@goa-inc.com, via telephone at (615) 790-5540, or online at www.goa-inc.com.

Jason and Chris can also be followed for regular updates on their Twitter page, and liked on their Facebook fan page.

33Miles Concerts

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