We often get asked What makes you different than iTickets?

Here are the answers:

  1. Our site is available to promoters to do anything they want 24/7 - you don't need to call us to make any changes. Sign-up anytime to test it out. 
  2. We charge a flat .99 per ticket, which makes ticket buyers happy. 
  3. We use our Google Adwords ad spend to help you sell tickets. We advertise nationally in Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook all the time, we change our ads to support concerts we ticket. 
  4. Our concert listings are listed on: TodaysChristianMusic, CCMmagazine and over 100 other websites, including our own high traffic site. 
  5. We do not send "e-blast" that have low open and click rates. We have our exclusive Personalized Concert Alerts that target people that have asked to be notified when certain artists are in their area. 
  6. The names of the ticket buyers belong to YOU not us. You can download them anytime from your D
  7. Your ticket buyers do not need a login to buy tickets. No usernames and no passwords to lose or remember. They just go to your custom sales page and buy. 
  8. Do you have a credit card merchant account or want to collect all your money? We have several ways we can that and you do not need a credit card merchant account, it's called WePay. 
  9. We don't tell you that you must use us exclusively to get our .99 price. That is the only price we have. 
  10. We don't charge for phone orders, When you ticket with us we don't have "extra" stuff to sell you. We just go to work and help you sell.